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L'homme souverain est celui qui a acquis assez de maturité pour dépasser ses contradictions et parvenir à une certaine forme de bonheur.


R. Vailland



Hand weaving a rug is more than a beautiful thing to see, it's mainly an experience in a world that became more and more impersonal.

Our carpets are much more than a floor covering. They tell a story of families, of traditions carried from generation to generation.

We strive to provide the best quality and expertise with our exclusive hand made carpets.

You will bring more than a splendid carpet in your home, you will bring a family blessing.


about us.

" La perfection n'existe pas, ce qui compte c'est la beauté du chemin pour y arriver "

Christophe Valvekens is an architect that has spent several years in Northern California designing high-end custom residential projects and wineries around the world.

Based in Brussels and San Francisco, Mr. Valvekens is working in the US and Europe to bring his wealth of experience to American and international projects.

Alain De Poitre is a well-known Belgian interior designer with many years of experience. He has an exclusive clientele that includes members of the nobility and entertainment personalities.

Five years ago, Mr. De Poitre created a brand of carpets and rugs that are hand-woven in India and Nepal.

Christophe Valvekens & Alain De Poitre have been working together in architecture and interior design for more than 20 years and share a passion for beauty and innovation.

Through Archistory, they will find exclusive and unique antiques and reclaimed materials to bring to your home. Each of these unique pieces will come with a detailed narrative of the history behind them.

They are delighted to collaborate with famous designers and architects such as Marc Corbiau, Axel Vervoort, Lionel Jadot, Charles Zana and create exclusive models for LE PERE New York.

Located in Belgium, New-York and San Francisco, Archistory is currently busy with projects in Geneva, Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels, Toscany and San Francisco.


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